Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has a new favorite hobby: posting photos of his teammates while they sleep on the team bus/plane on his Twitter account.

Also, it says a lot about what winning can do for team camaraderie. When you win, every night is a going to be a lot of fun. 

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HOW IS THIS THE FIRST TIME I’M SEEING THIS HAHAHAHAHA OMG AM DYING!!!!!!!! blake griffin and kevin love’s facial expressions and tyson and metta world peace ohlawdddy

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every single fucking Blake Griffin Kia commercial is creepy as fuck


Blake Griffin watches you masturbate

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…and Blake Griffin has Gucci sunglasses and Chapstick.. ;)

Knicks marketing team, if you are listening,I hope you do some videos showing what’s inside the Knickerbockers’ bags.

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Here’s an update on the Clippers growing Playoff beards. Blake still can’t grow a mustache. LOL!

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Blake Griffin is forever my MCM 😩😍

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